Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to create WVGA wallpaper with Picasa

By default Picasa will open the image in photo viewer mode. In order to crop an image in Picasa you will need to click Edit in Picasa.

1. Select Crop icon in the Basic Fixes menu.

2. At drop down menu select 16:9 HDTV. Then click 3 choices crop border size you like.

3. Then right click your mouse and hold (inside the crop border). Now you can move your mouse to desire spot in your image.

4. If you like to crop in landscape mode just click rotate button. You also can preview by click preview button before you finally decide the finest spot.

5. After completed click apply and you will back to previous Basic Fixes menu. Your crop icon has change to Recrop. This is for you to edit your previous crop before you save the image.

6. The image is not in WVGA resolution so far. You can find you current image resolution in pixel at the bottom info bar (just below your photo).

7. Select export icon and the export to folder menu will pop-up.

8. Here you can select which folder to save the image, file name, and for image size option select resize, then click and drag the arrow to 800 pixels. Click OK to save the wallpaper

9. Congratulation! You have created your own WVGA wallpaper with Picasa.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

How to create WVGA wallpaper with IrfanView FREEware.

Open photo in IrfanView, go to ‘Edit’ menu and select ‘Create Custom Crop section…’ or press Shift+C (shortcut key).

Then select ‘none’ in the ‘Set ratio for width: height:’ column and select ‘pixel’ then enter ‘Width:’ 480 and ‘Height:’ 800 in the ‘Selection size/position:’ column.

Then right click your mouse and hold. Now you can move your mouse (the crop border will move) to the best spot in your photo to be your WVGA wallpaper. If accidentally you lose your crop border repeat step 1 above.

If you find your crop border is too small. Go to edit and select ‘Maximize and center selection’.

After you find your desire image for WVGA wallpaper, select ‘Crop Selection’ or press Shift+Y (shortcut key).

Then go to ‘Image’ and select ‘Resize/Resample…’ or press Ctrl+R (shortcut key). Then enter ‘Width:’ and ‘Height:’ and select ‘unit’ as ‘pixels’. You actually need to enter only 1 value either width or height and the other value will automatically feed to your current photo aspect ratio. After finish click OK.

Congratulation! You have created your own WVGA wallpaper.

Crop and resize photo software.

I use Irfan View to create WVGA wallpaper. I found that Irfan View allow you to customize your crop aspect ratio and dimension. Another good thing about Irfan View is its FREEware, to download click ‘Irfan View’.

You also can use Google Picasa to crop and resize photo but Picasa wouldn’t let you custom crop, you only can select a preset aspect ratio 16:9 and export an edited photo to resize it. This preset will not generate an exact resolution 480x800 instead its will converted to 450x800. Nothing wrong with this resolution, its still can fix nicely in your device it just that your device will stretch the photo to fill the missing pixel. You and your friend may not notice it's. This method still work and I will share both methods.

Importance information must know before we create WVGA wallpaper.

WVGA aspect ratio
16:9 HDTV

WVGA dimension
480x800 (portrait)
800x480 (landscape)

WVGA device
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1.
Samsung I8000 Omnia II, S8000 Jet, B7610 OmniaPRO, M8910 Pixon12.
LG KM900 Arena, GD900 Crystal, GC900 Viewty Smart.
HTC Touch Pro2, Touch Diamond2, Touch HD, MAX 4G, Shift.

Why we need to resize the photo?

Simple answer is to save memory space. WVGA resolution wallpaper only needs 130KB – 2Mb depend on how many colors on these photos.

How to create WVGA (480x800) resolution wallpaper from bigger resolution photo.

There is 2 ways to create WVGA wallpaper:

  • Resize is selected when the entire photo will be converted into wallpaper.
  • Bear in mind NOT all the photos have the correct aspect ratio to be resize into WVGA resolution.
  • If the photos NOT in correct aspect ratio you need to crop the photo into the appropriate aspect ratio first before resize to WVGA resolution.
  • Crop is selected when only a portion of photo will be converted into wallpaper.
  • You can directly crop the photo into WVGA resolution or
  • This also can be done by crop the photo into the correct aspect ratio and resize into WVGA resolution.

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